Truss Obstacle Added

Our Drone Training Park team was hard at work on the 20th putting together the latest obstacle at the Buena Vista Drone Training Park!

The feature is a truss system that was suggested by our public safety/first responder consultants. They need a place to practice flying in this tight, complex space.

Delmar Smith, Alan Simpson and Brett Mitchell provided muscle and expertise to create this wonderful feature. It’s now ready for practice!

The Buena Vista Drone Training Park is a multi-faceted flying field in the Rodeo Grounds. It contains four “zones” for different aspects of training and fun.

These zones are the “Flight Deck” for basic flight training, the “Qualification Course,” a NIST course layout to confirm and qualify pilots’ skills and abilities, the “Obstacle Zone” featuring a variety of different obstacles for practice, and a “Racing Zone” for outdoor drone racing.