Drone Training Park Update

November 11, 2021

After approval by the town of Buena Vista in the summer of 2020, a plan was developed for the park by the leadership team and the buildout was started in the shortly after. Certification buckets, obstacle structures as well as landing/take off pads were installed. The road was graded and road base was added, and a port-a-potty was provided by the town for the summer. The summer saw the park used by many UAS folks and it culminated in the CCUAS roundup on October 17, 2021 with multiple demonstrations by several vendors, as well as a drone racing team having the first official races at the site during the day. The event was attended by approximately 60 UAS enthusiasts and by others that use drones in their daily work activity.

We look forward to next year with the continuation of the buildout and the addition of more obstacles, permanent pipes in the ground for racing gates, as well as covered work areas at each zone in addition to a storage building, bathrooms, and a possible instruction building.

Talks are underway to include a drone geophysical test site which would include buried objects such as pipes and unexploded ordinance (UXO) that could be used for testing and calibration.

During the winter, the town will be contracting with a company to come up with a plan for the current rodeo grounds area of about 300 acres of which the drone park occupies 30 acres. Also included in the plan will be another approximately 340 acres which the town is in the process of acquiring south of the drone park. We expressed interest in having fencing installed around the drone park with a gate at the entrance as well as signage. The plan will take into consideration all the users of the existing acreage as well as providing usage of the newly acquired land.

Next year should be a year where the drone park will become a park like no other in the US and enjoyed by UAS users from around the country.

Alan Simpson, Secretary and Drone Flying Park Team Leader